Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chinese Strategy – Winning through the Stomach (How the Chowmein is Becoming the National Favorite)

I have just returned from a trip to some of the most remote yet excruciatingly beautiful places in Uttarakhand including some really picturesque villages on the way to Yamunotri, Tehri Dam and Dhanaulti.. 

The dhabas/restaurants at these places, including the two solitary dhabas at Yamunotri, were serving only local food . What I found striking was the fact that along with the ubiquitous dal, chawal and roti, and the all time favorites like bread omlette and Maggi, "chowmein" was being offered at these places as a regular staple food. I then realized that "chow-mein" had crept into our lives in a quiet revolution, a stealthy and entirely bloodless coup. From the various versions of the dish found at five star hotels and local restaurants in cities, it was now being served in the remotest corners of India.

Infact, upon quizzing a few dhabawalas, I was happily informed, "Madam, everybody is eating chowmein these days, they come and eat at the dhaba and then get some more packed to take back for their families." . Truly, the chowmein continues to the most popular import for us from China !!!

The Noodles Ready to be Fried for eager customers

The Local Noodle

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